Season Blues: Quarantine Edition

Updated: Apr 17, 2020

I came home with season blues. Did you?

I assume everyone did, because why wouldn’t you. We’ve all just come back unexpectedly early from our favourite places. But did your season blues hit a bit differently this time?

Season Blues, for those who haven’t done season, occur because you have spent 4-6 months, with the same group of people, doing the things you love, in your tight-knit season bubble. It may have been the best season of your life, during which you tried a million and one different things and made friends that you know will last longer than 3 weeks after you get home. It may have been the worst or the hardest trip for a whole number of reasons that have caused classic season drama. But the fact of the matter is, as soon you get home, you only remember the good stuff. And boy, do you miss it.

The ‘feels’ generally set in fully when you start to unpack. You take out all the gear you’ve been wearing and using all season, you pull out clothes that you took but never wore, you inspect the damages and figure out what items you MUST replace (because you just HAVE to replace those lenses with that tiny scratch in the corner), and then you have to pack it all away knowing you won’t see it again for a good few months. As well as this task, you are also probably now faced with living around people who don’t know the meaning of “fresh pow” and have never experienced a “sick aprés sesh”. Essentially you’re surrounded by a bunch of Jerrys (#sorrynotsorry), and so you take to Snapchat and Instagram to continue communications with your season family. Life is good for a little while and the blues subside. That is until you get sick of seeing photos of their dog.

My blues hit a little later than most. I finished my season earlier that usual but had already booked a flight back to Austria to join Pez’s road trip to Tignes. Our plan was to make the most of the slopes as much as we could and before I ran out of money! We were aware of the potential lockdown, but no guidelines had been put in place and no one knew how serious things were about to get. As it happened, we got in one full day skiing and that was that. Total resort shutdown.

Suddenly we were faced with the concept that we’d be stuck in resort for two whole weeks at least. Considering we had the sunshine, mountains, snow and a pretty well stocked local shop (cheese and wine), we were not too upset about that. In fact, it was pretty exciting. We created our own ‘to-do’ lists to keep ourselves entertained, and became attached to the “stuck in the mountains” idea. Plans, however, where changed very quickly due to changes in UK guidelines and the cancellation of ferries to Guernsey. And so, before we were ready to let go of the mountains, we were going our separate ways and heading home. And despite extending our season to last longer than most, I got back and boom… season blues.

Usually you have a summer plan to look forward to, and you also usually have the “chore” of choosing where, and what, your next winter job will be. These tasks are good because I reckon one of the most effective remedies to the ‘season blues’ is to have your next plan on the horizon. This time our summers aren’t set in stone, jobs abroad don’t currently exist and due to the fact that travel is restricted indefinitely, we just don’t know when we’re going to see enough snow to shred on again. And this is a struggle. Even my back up plan for summer is currently on the line and we just don’t know what this winter will hold for us. Hello cabin fever.

I’ve found my own little Quarantine routine and the smallest of tasks are now a contribution to a successful day. Even the simple ones like getting up! But between the season blues, and the uncertainty in our futures, it’s tricky to find that motivation and positivity.

We’re dreaming of the mountains and we know you are too. So the best we can do right now is distract ourselves. We’ve been competing to learn an ollie on a skateboard, I’ve taken up running (yeah, I know) and I’ve even hoovered under my bed! And for those season blues moments that creep back up on us, we make our plans. We plan for all the places we want to travel to, plan all the adventures we want to go on, and we stare at photos of all those views that we actually want to stare at in person. We make these plans so that when we can finally go (and can afford to go), the positivity is still running high and we can basically run to the airport.

I have the season blues now because I don’t know where I’m going next. But I’ve got ideas, and motivation and a travel buddy. So, we’re ready for life when the world gets better, and for now I’m still enjoying the Snapchats of your dogs. I think.

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