LiFed 2020: The Corona Coaster

Updated: Jan 27

Remember 10 months ago?

Lockdown began, the hashtags #QuarantineLife and #IsolationCreation were trending, lockdown activities were new, exciting and innovative, and the thought of a few weeks at home were sweetened with sunshine and the prospect of furlough. We seemed like babies. In a new world.

And look at us all now. Exhausted, deflated, and finally in tiers (pun intended).

But, dare I say it… wiser. And different. With new doors opening.

It is true that this year has been a terribly crappy ride both personally and professionally to every single one of us. But between these huge dips on this ride, there have been some tiny “ups”. And it is those “ups” we have to thank because they have brought about our LiFed adventure.

Disguised amongst the “normality” of a winter season, and severely taken for granted, the first “up” was spending the first 2 months of the year shredding. We’re used to a season lasting until spring but after this year, I think we can now say we’re grateful for anytime on the snow at all. We were lucky enough to shred together, drink together, hug, party, brag about our days and just generally enjoy our lifestyle amongst friends. We were also lucky enough to feel that travel buzz, and get stoked about all the new experiences that season life brings. Too busy getting LiFed to notice our little idea brewing.

The next “up”, despite it being severely isolating and kind of miserable, was being given the gift of time. This awful amount of time given to us sent our season blues spiralling and we realised that we weren’t just missing the slopes. No. We were missing our daily opportunity to challenge ourselves, try new things, and most importantly, share that with other people. We were missing being able to go and get LiFed. We were bored and had to do something about that.

We tried learning to ollie, Pez surfed, and I hiked. We drank, and learned to zoom other humans. But mostly we chatted about how to stay in touch with the world we love the most. And so, through a running joke along the lines of “we should put that on a t-shirt” and a random conversation in which I coined the term “lifed” (because I couldn’t think of the word experienced), our idea started to unfold. And, had this year not panned out the way it had, we would not have found this perfect little chance to share what we love doing most all the bloody time.

This year we challenged ourselves to write blogs and created our own webpages. We researched fabrics and styles and managed to order our first garments with our planet in mind. We discussed promotions and events that will share our ideas, we threw ourselves into instagram marketing, and we even managed to design our very first logo. But most importantly, we reached out to our own little communities, and found that buzz we missed so much! Another “up”! This year has thrown a thousand set backs at small businesses, and we are NOT in the mountains where we want to be. But, everyday, the LiFed feels get us and we know we want to keep sharing that with you guys! So thank you!

This time last year, I was celebrating NYE in a manky old building, jam packed full of ski instructors, watching blotches of fireworks through the thickest bloody fog Austria had all year. A full 365 days, I’m sitting at home, wine in hand, with nothing to do but write a blog. But it’s ok because we got LiFed during a pandemic, we got LiFed in isolation, we got LiFed without the mountains, and we have nothing else to do but go and get LiFed together this new year.

Ciao 20201!

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