Isolation Motivation

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

The mountains are closed and travel is off! We've got so many ideas and so much time, but in all of these restrictions, where do we start and what can we do now?

Above: Pez making the most of P2 Couloir, Tignes

How many times have you sat down in a free moment and thought about all the things you'd like to give a go?

How many times have you added “learn that language” to your imaginary bucket list? Written a to-do list for a day off with “take up yoga” on it? And how many times have you wished for all the free time in the world just so you can teach yourself to juggle, or write that blog that you’ve spent forever thinking about?

Well that’s definitely a little bit of me. I’m not sure if Pez has spent 2 years wanting to write a blog, but I know I have. And now we do have the time. In this crazy Corona crisis, we have suddenly been gifted, in a weird way, with a huge amount of free time. Everybody has jumped to social media (finally putting meaning to the term “social”) to let us know their ‘quarantine to-do’ lists and to share ideas to avoid boredom. This is exactly why I have finally decided that I can’t procrastinate anymore; I will start this blog. And now I’ve got a blog buddy, and we both have big ideas.

We are both winter lovers. We were ski instructors in Kitzbühel, Austria - Home of the Hahnenkamm (See reviews later). We didn’t know each other, and we didn’t know anyone else either. So, when we arrived, we had to go through that classic process that occurs whenever you’re thrown into a new pool of people, whereby you whittle down friends until you’ve created happy little social groups that combine together to make your “season family”. The same thing occurs with your drinking spots. You all spend the first week hitting every bar and club in resort until you figure out which ones are more your taste, and then you settle into your new routine with your new buddy/buddies. So that’s where this began. We found ourselves very regularly in our favourite bar (shout out El D’s and our hero bar man Tony), bonding over a love for the mountains, taste in ski gear, general competitiveness and the saving grace that was a live reggae band in that said bar every Wednesday.

This season was an unusual one for me from the get go, and an unusual one for everyone by March (#Corona). I tried a whole list of new things, I moved resorts and jobs to spend time in St. Anton, I came home early, and then I ended up flying back out to Austria a week later to join Pez’s road trip from Salzburg to Tignes. From the two months spent in Kitz, we had concluded that if we put our heads together we could use Pez’s knowledge in the technical side to skiing, and my general ability to create entertaining content based off my rollercoaster of a life on a day to day basis, we could design and build our own brand/company/blog. And it took about 20 minutes of me chatting shit and Pez having a giggle on our 9 hour road trip to come up with an actual plan that we were motivated to set into action.

And now we have quarantine.

I have the time and I’m running out of excuses. Maybe it has taken a bit too much time to actually sit down and write this - procrastination professional over here. And maybe the writing isn’t perfect. But so what? We have had a sick season, shared a whole bunch of memories with a whole bunch of awesome people, we’ve discovered a whole bunch of mutual goals and now we want to share the world we love. And the pair of us can finally tick ‘start a blog’ off our bucket list

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