Getting Van LiFed.

So, I’m Jodie. One half of the LiFed team. Skier, snowboarder, seasoned après lover and keen to try pretty much anything if its board vibe related. And now, in these weird old times, I have decided to buy a van and jump on the #VanLife hype.

If, it weren’t for the current pandemic, I would be throwing myself down a snowy mountain somewhere in the European Alps, teaching humans to do the same and enjoying the world at my feet. But, seeing as lockdown 3.0 had cropped up and destroyed all winter 20/21 hopes, I figured enough was enough, and if I couldn’t go on adventures, I would bring the adventures to me.

If you know me, or have known me in the past, you will know that van life ins’t just a spur of the moment decision for me. Since I was a teenager, I have been unintentionally collecting anything related to camper vans and have been subconsciously staring at posters, toy replicas and even old VW birthday cards in my bedroom for at least 15 years. But it wasn’t until bad boy 2020 hit and we were all thrown into a world of time and emptiness, that I realised I didn’t need to keep day dreaming about a van anymore. I could actually be a grown up and buy my own damn van.

So here we are. Van Life has commenced, I bought myself a nice little Vauxhall Vivaro and I’ve decided to write a blog. Because why not. A little bit of entertainment. And some shameless self promotion for whatever the future may hold for our LiFed project.

Now I know that I’m joining the #VanLife hype a little late and, by now, there are more #VanLiFe blogs and vlogs out there then there are actual functional converted campers. This holds an issue for humans like me, because it is in my DNA to want to do everything, sit and research for the “perfect answer” and then end up not actually committing to anything. It is also in my nature to put off the research because I don’t like being told what to do by the internet (I believe I am the ‘Campaigner’ personality type). So, if this is you too, and you need a break from the “This Is How To’ blogs, feel free to follow along as I document “How A Personality Like Jodie Converts A Van”. Because it turns out, there’s no perfect way to do it, and I just HAVE to accept that!

The likelihood that I blog about the amount of times this makes me cry might also be a real threat, or treat. Depends how you read this. Comments such as “living the dream” and “wanderlust” may appear frequently on instagram, but a blog shouldn’t have a filter on it (pun intended - yes I’m proud of that one) and to be quite honest, I want you all to know when I cry like a baby into a cup of tea!

So stick around as I attempt to follow a new path, and watch as I battle between taking it on all the adventures and wanting to sell it to buy a new snowboard!

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