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We are just two mountain loving, adventure obsessed, snow-sports enthusiasts who became friends on a season in Austria and discovered we had an equal love of everything the mountains have to offer. We decided we wanted to share what we knew, learnt and experienced with anyone who would listen. So, whether you are new to winter culture or a seasoned pro, hopefully you'll find this blog useful or at least entertaining on those down-days.


Who We Are.

Jodie -

"I did a personality test once and it turns out I'm a turbulent campaigner. I just want to do everything"

I am a PE graduate slash bartender that got too bored working in the UK and decided that seasons were the way forward. True to that personality test, I realised that I want to try everything and go everywhere. I have a passion for sports and teaching, but also for the outdoors. After I graduated, I went and worked in a summer camp in America before going to work in a school to test the 'PE teacher' life. During that year I decided that I knew I wanted to see more of the world and that a "settled" job at home in the South East of England would not ever cut it for me. I wanted to see more. I didn't always know that I was so drawn to the mountains until my first winter season in La Rosiere. With the Alps as my playground, I couldn't help but fall in love. I'm now a ski and snowboard instructor and have done a number of different seasons. I have a particular place in my heart for Austria, but I've got a long list of places I want to see. I never know exactly what I want to do next but as long as there's a mountain, some snow and a good view heading my way, I'm a pretty happy human. Oh, and I always want to share my adventures... so here we are!

Pez -

"I love two things: having fun with good friends, and skiing. I am often described as being chilled, maybe too chilled, but when it comes to skiing I am highly motivated"

I am a perpetual ski bum who has spent the last 15 years trying to balance out skiing and finding ways to fund skiing! I did my first season in Meribel, training to be ski instructor and that was it! I tried the 'real world' but it was no use; I was hooked. I wanted to spend as much time as possible in the mountains. Luckily my summer home is in the beautiful Channel Islands where I can get my outdoor fix, but every year, as Summer winds down, all my focus is drawn back towards the mountains. My obsession with skiing and adventuring has led me to spend my winters all over the world. Generally if it has a mountain, and more specifically a snowy mountain, then I want to visit it! I spend the majority of my winters in Tignes as I love the amazing off-piste and touring that it provides right on my doorstep, as well as the freeride community that live there that. But I like to explore and my love of all mountain culture has led me to undertake road trips across Canada, spend months exploring Japow, make a trip to Alaska and of course skiing all over our backyard, Europe! I've hit both big and small ski destinations, from Bosnia to Switzerland, and there are plenty more places on that ever growing hit list. 


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